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dude... you hit it out of the park.

Another Proud Texan, that agrees with every word. We are going to be the ones that will have to do the Heavy Lifting on this one. There isn't enough Good Men and/or Women lift in DC to do it.
Keep the Pressure ON them!!!

Good job. "We the People" are out busting our hind ends every way, every day in one shape or fashion. If the Liberals & Liberal Democrats continue unchecked by their peers, why would we want to re-elect you who stand by doing and saying nothing. Conservatives, Independents, Republicans & fence hoppers, show us you care about "We the People" and the United States of America! Time to make your voices heard too.

Michael Steele is all about playing politics. Here is a case in point, Steele tells the elderly to oppose Obama care or they will take away their Medicare. In other words, don't support Obama's government-run health-care because they may take away your current form of government-run health-care.WHAT? We need to end ALL forms of government social programs. Steele is a smooth talking game-show host who looks out more for himself and Washington insiders then average Americans. Glenn Beck is one of the few who is not afraid to tell us like it is. He took down Van Jones because he wasn't afraid to tell us the truth about radical/Marxists ways. I too will tell Steele to take his act elsewhere and stick-it where the sun don't shine.

Thank you for writing this open letter. You said (so well) what so many of us are thinking!!
Jan Ray

Dude, you are SO in my head!!!! I love it, it captures the frustration I have felt for this past year! My wife and I are even debating going Independent because the RNC isn't fighting for us!
You worded this perfectly, I am going to recommend it to everyone I know!!

I could not have said this better myself! My family and I have been frustrated with the Republican party for some time now and are wondering when they are going to stop being afraid. I have been saying for a long time that we all need to stand up and take the heat now so that future generations can live in the America that our Constitution was built on. People have been lulled to sleep by Socialists along with many other factors for years now. I believe that America may be finally waking from its slumber. Kudos to you!!

A sensible approach to terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction
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Such a great speech, thanks for bringing it to my attention!*

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A truly great talent is in the course of their work was the highest degree of happiness.

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I LOVE this! SO cute!*

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Good suggestions as usual!

You are my best worshippers, aren't you?

I just wish I knew what to do!@

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oh, I really like the style of your writing!

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